Promotion of School Ministry

During the month of July, SMBC promoted the beginning of another year of our School Ministry at St. Matthews Elementary School.

We asked church members to select cards containing names of specific items from the SME School Supply list, and then purchase the items and donate them to students at the school. As the month progressed, the little yellow school bus began to bulge with supplies for students! It took the help of many members of our Youth Group to sort the host of donations and some strong arms to deliver them to the school before the start of school.


During each Sunday in July, we also invited a different member of the SME staff to address the congregation and bring the Offertory Prayer at the conclusion of the Worship Service.

In the photos above, Marilyn Marshall, 3rd Grade Teacher, shares the importance of the school supplies and Volunteer Classroom Helpers from SMBC.

Above, SME Academic Coach, Jennifer Gray, describes how the efforts of SMBC Tutors at the school help make a significant improvement in the academic performance of students whom they teach.

Scottie Collier, SME Principal, explains that the service of SMBC at the school has created a warm relationship between members of the two organizations, so that when he visits our church he feels like he is among ‘family’. He also praised the work of the church and the impact on the lives of the students, teachers, and staff, declaring that, “SMBC is the epitome of Christian service, doing what churches are supposed to do”. Before bringing the Offertory Prayer, he asked for SMBC to pray for him, for SME teachers, and for SME students.