smbcsmelogoSt. Matthews Baptist Church and St. Matthews Elementary School


Mission of SMBC School Ministry

  • Take an active and Christ-like role in the Louisville-metro community
  • Fulfill our church mission: Loving and leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus

Purpose of SMBC School Ministry at SME

  • Help students at St. Matthews Elementary School achieve
  • Demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ to the students, parents, and staff at SME
  • Love and lead people associated with SME and the St. Matthews area community into a growing relationship with Jesus

In the five+ years of existence, this ministry has expanded significantly and is known as the hands and feet of Jesus to many children and staff at St. Matthews Elementary School. Fifty SMBC volunteers tutor children one hour per week, and these efforts have resulted in test scores improving two times over their peers in math and reading. Two new initiatives implemented this year were providing lunch for teachers during parent/teacher conferences and a partnership with the school librarian, where funds were provided for 96 children who didn’t have financial resources to purchase books at the school book fair. This ministry also provides opportunities for the entire congregation to be involved through the donation of school supplies for children and classroom supplies.

Love is…

History of SMBC School Ministry

SMBC/SME 2017-18 Year in Review

Launch of 8th Year of Service

Promotion of School Ministry