WEBC and Noe Middle School Year in Review


Noe Middle School Ministry Annual Report: Year 1
2019 -Spring Semester

  • After initial discussions/meetings with various St Matthews Baptist Church (SMBC), West End Baptist Church (WEBC) and Noe Middle School (NMS, or NOE) personnel, WEBC acquired nine volunteers to assist with ministry to NMS late in the fall semester.
  • 2/11/19: NMS representative (& Dare to Be King Program Director),Robert Holmes, III held the initial meeting with 6th-8th grade male students of color [16 boys in attendance] and WEBC volunteers [9 in attendance]. He described how the program was designed to provide life skills training, parental engagement strategies, and academic interventions for boys of color. WEBC volunteers were given the opportunity to introduce themselves and answer questions. Mr Holmes described the mentor/mentee pairings, with expectations that mentors would contact mentees at least once/week to check on them and see how they are managing themselves. He also talked about Pay Days, every two weeks, where those who have met expectations (based on teacher comments on Point Sheets), would receive bags of treats (chips, candies, drinks, etc, provided by WEBC)
  • 2/25/19: WEBC prepared/delivered 56 grab bags to NOE prior to the mtg. Mr. Holmes began by stating that everyone who turned in their points sheets will get “grace and mercy”, allowing them to get a “grab bag”. Boys who did not turn in sheets were encouraged to do better this week. At the end of the mtg, mentors present at the meeting were assigned mentees, after which each pair met separately for the purpose of mentor getting parental/guardian contact information, and getting to know something about the student. Each boy was asked to tell their parent/guardian to expect a phone call from their mentor sometime this week. They were also advised to give the highest respect to mentors -No arguing. Mentors will check on: 1) how the student is doing, 2) whether point sheets are being filled out, 3) if there are any school-related issues.
  • Additional meetings were held on 3/10, 3/25, 4/8, 4/29, 5/13, and 6/3, with between 10 and 22 boys, and between 5 and 7 volunteers in attendance.
  • 6/3/19: At this final meeting of the year, WEBC provided breakfast food/drinks and special treat bags for the boys that attended. Photos were taken by Mr Holmes. WEBC presented Jayden with the True Religion Jeans prize (for best improvement in grades, and good attitude [he asked someone if he could pray with them during a difficult time]). Mr. Holmes mentioned that they had gone to UofL (which was exciting for the boys), and gave parting comments for the coming year(s) as follows: 1) continue with behavior sheets, 2) remember the DTBK Creed, 3) remember their options for success (college, military, trade school, entrepreneurship), and 4) work to take care of yourself and family (Don’ live off a woman).

1) A follow-up call was made to Principal Cave where a meeting with WEBC and NOE faculty/staff is scheduled at NMS the 1st of next school year (Mon, 8/12/19 at 9:00am). We will introduce ourselves and share our purpose at NOE, which is “To help students at Noe MS achieve; and to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ to the students, parents and staff at Noe MS”.
2) Although we tried early on to get info. from the school about the students in the program, no info was forthcoming. We will work to rectify this early next school year.
a) Receive a list of all Mentees (and grade level) in the DTBK Program
B) Prepare a tracking plan (using report card grades, monthly ISAP/other disciplinary             actions/incidents and absences pre-DTBK, during and after DTBK)

Submitted by: Carolyn M. Williams, WEBC/Noe Ministry Coordinator Date: 6/19/2019